Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh hey, back at it!

I like to draw these on my way to and from Oahu where I've been helping art direct some of the new stuff we've created for the Aulani resort. I usually do about 3 per flight... the rest of the time is spent passed out after a glass of crappy airplane wine. On the most recent trip on the way to Oahu I did the 3 of the coolest mermaid chubsters, but unfortunately something happened in the program I was using and I lost them. Now I take screen shots out of paranoia of losing work.

The program I've been using to draw them (if you're curious) is called Clibe. It's a pretty cool program... except for the part where it crashed and I lost all my art. :( The brush they've programed is pretty awesome. It has a really natural feel with the ink being forward on your stroke and tapered with loss of ink with the drag. It mimics felt pen and that is something I really love. Someone tell me how to make the same damn brush in Photoshop.

Here are some portly fish ladies. Enjoy!